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    If you want to find Garrett Borns a good place to look would be up. “I live in a treehouse,” the artist says of his home in the Los Angeles canyons. It was the first place BØRNS, originally from rural Michigan, landed when he relocated from New York to LA and immediately, something about it felt right. “In New York, I was writing darker, more melancholy music. I loved the pace and creative stimulation of the city but I wanted to see what a change of scenery would do to my writing.”So he left New York for Los Angeles, where his roommates were chirping birds and butterflies. “It brought me right back to those days when I was a kid making tree forts in my backyard,”he remembers. “It brought out my inner child, but in a very enlightening and meditative way. My kitchen was outside. All I heard at night were crickets and coyotes. And I was writing a lot of music.” Read More

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